Your Echain journey: letter #3

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3 min readDec 10, 2022

Hello everybody, during these busy times for the team our Echain community deserves some updates.

1/ Development updates 🟣

Development wise, our Proof-Of-Green-Authority (PoGA) testnet is shaping up fast, and we are in time to respect our roadmap. You can expect Echain’s testnet to be live in the early months of 2023. Some previews will be shared soon and a letter on Medium will be dedicated to the testnet.

2/ Staking

Soon you will be able to stake your ECT tokens and start earning passive income. Staking and unstaking will be available at anytime, to everybody.

  • Stake fees: 0%
  • Unstake fees: 2%

Fees collected will be sent to the staking contract and added to the rewards pool to incentive longer period of staking and making it more sustainable as well in the long term. Our goal with staking is reward long-term holders that share our vision and see long-term potential in the $ECT token.

3/ CEX listing update

The numerous events that have been shacking the cryptospace lately unfortunately (or fortunately of the believers of DeFi) left the centralized exchange in a weird spot. A lot of crypto users are demanding more trust and transparency to CEX organizations, as they should. Liquidity crisis are frequent and listing $ECT on a mid-tier CEX represents a risk that shouldn’t be ignored. We believe that it is better for Echain to carefully pick our CEX partners (quality over quantity), and therefore we have decided to wait a bit. We will list $ECT on the toptier exchange in early 2023. We took this decision in accordance to our belief that Echain has massive potential and should be only be brought to exchanges that truly deserves $ECT.

4/ Marketing

Marketing has been great so far and we did rapidly gain some visibility. We will continue down that road. We are working on partnerships that will only bring more holders and future users to Echain, in an organic fashion. Once again, choosing partners of high standard matters more than the amount of partners that you have. Our goal is to partner-up with people that truly believe in Echain potential and will be staying with us on the long run.

We will mainly target:

  • Twitter exposure
  • Youtube exposure
  • Organic trending ($ECT has been trending on Dextools for 15days this month only)
  • Top quality CEX for our primary exchange

Thank you for reading and keeping up with Echain progress and development. We would like to take this chance to thank our community and all our early adopters that are supporting Echain on a day-to-day basis. We do appreciate every single one of you that are engaging with the team on telegram or on twitter. In only a month we have seen how strong our community got and we believe that it is a strength we can count on in 2023.

If you didn’t, it’s not too late to follow Echain on twitter and join our telegram. 📩



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