Your Echain journey: letter #2

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2 min readOct 25, 2022

Hello Echain believers,

As you may have already see, the Echain website is now live 🎉

Please visit it here.

Other than the beautiful design/UI of Echain’s website, we have also started the development of the Echain testnet which is great news: we are ahead of our roadmap.

1/ Launching on Ethereum

In order to constantly optimize our strategy, we have decided to launch Echain on the Ethereum network which offers a better environment than the BSC at the moment. ie: more liquidity, more users, switch to PoS making the network green and better reputation of projects launching on Ethereum.

In this sense our public sale will take place on the Pinksale launchpad, a trusted platform, which will give confidence to potential new investors and open up marketing opportunities for us.

To summarize, here are the pros of launching on Ethereum:

  • Gain of exposure.
  • More liquidity on Ethereum.
  • Now Ethereum is green (see The Merge and the Proof-Of-Stake deployment)
  • Pinksale being a trustworthy IDO platform which will considerably give confidence to new investors.

Bringing utility to the Energyfi platform:

Please note that ECT will be listed on Energyfi swap soon after its launch and that an ECT/EFT farming pair will be added at that time, allowing to reward EFT and ECT token holders.

2/ About Echain public sale

Today is also the time to deliver some key informations about Echain’s public sale. You can find all the informations relative to the public sale, that will start on the 4th of November at 16:00 UTC on Pinksale.

$ECT Public Sale rules

NB1: The hardcap is fairly low so $ECT will hit the market with a low marketcap and therefore this public sale is more like an organic launch. In order to make Echain’s public sale a success we will still conducted some pre-public sale marketing that will give some visibility to not only Echain, but Energyfi as a whole. Stay tuned! 🚀🟣

To stay up to date with Echain public sale and development, don’t forget to follow Echain on twitter and join our telegram. 📩



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