How to stake your ECT (on Ethereum network)

Echain Network
2 min readJan 19, 2023


ECT staking is now live on Ethereum network. You can now stake your ECT and earn some rewards.

1/ First you need ECT on your wallet.

2/ Then go on:

3/ Connect your wallet.

4/ Enter the amount of ECT you would like to stake here:

NB: The minimum amount to stake is 10000 ECT.

5/ Click on Stake.

6/ Confirm the transaction on your wallet.

Your staked balance is now updated:

7/ To Unstake, you can use the slide here.

And then click on Unstake.

NB: There is a fees of 2,5% to pay when you decide to unstake your tokens. (fees are going into the staking pool to rewards users that keep their tokens staked)

Terms of Participation

  • Staked ECT can be withdrawn at any time
  • Hourly rewards will be compounded (added to the total stake and earn interest)
  • A small gas fee will be charged for Stake and Unstake operations
  • A 2.5% unstaking fees will be applicable.
  • By clicking “STAKE”, you acknowledge this disclaimer.



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